Super Bowl Champion Darrelle Revis Recharges the Youth

03 Jul 2018


Super Bowl Champion Darrelle Revis Recharges the Youth
Hosts 1st Annual Hunger & Health (H2) Fun Fest at UPMC Rooney Sports Complex
Darrelle Revis Foundation Gives Back to Community with Day of Wellness Fueled Activities

On Saturday, July 21st in Pittsburgh, PA from 10am – 2pm, Super Bowl Champion and longtime community philanthropist, Darrelle Revis will host the first annual Hunger & Health (H2) Fun Fest through his non-profit organization Darrelle Revis Foundation, formerly known as Revis Island Foundation. Founded in 2010 by Mr. Revis with the belief that the impoverished often make unhealthy choices, Darrelle Revis Foundation was born to tackle the childhood hunger and health crisis in America.

“Malnourishment is far too common in low income homes. I’ve experienced this first hand. A lowincome budget obligates a family, or in many cases a single-parent mother to purchase unhealthy food. One of Darrelle Revis Foundation’s core beliefs is to establish better health choices and resources for the greater good of our youth. Revealing healthy eating and daily exercise habits to our youth will only encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.” – Darrelle Revis

The foundation’s Hunger & Health (H2) program serves as a resource for families struggling to provide healthy lifestyles for their children due to economic hardships. Through health camps, workshops, mentorship and monthly newsletters, H2 provides learning opportunities that support physical and mental wellness for the entire family; H2 Fun Fest is an extension of this program.

Taking place at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex where Revis used to practice as a former University of Pittsburgh Panther, H2 Fun Fest is designed to give children in grades 1-8 access to fun, educational, and informative workshops and interactive experiences throughout the day. Attendees will include participants from the foundation’s Power Pak program, which provides food for students on weekends throughout the year. Key foundation partners include University of Pittsburgh, and New Age Beverages, the official healthy beverage and hydration partner of Darrelle Revis Foundation. All participants will be provided with meals, smoothies compliments of Smoothie King, and leave with a foundation duffle bag full of snacks, drinks and informative tools to aid in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Expert-led workshops will feature Boxing, 7 on 7 Flag Football, Anti-Bullying Workshop, Fitness Workshop, Meal Prep, Beverage Prep and Youth Empowerment and Motivation by leadership coach Nick Jackson. Games and prizes for all workshops will be distributed throughout the day. Hunger & Health’s first official ambassador, professional Muay Thai fighter and international model Mia Kang, will also be on hand to donate her time and share her own challenges with childhood obesity and confidence.

“As someone who struggled with childhood obesity and decades of eating disorders I know that a little bit of knowledge and guidance can go a long way to help kids make better and healthier choices. I’m excited to spend the day with these kids, we are going to have a lot of fun.” – Mia Kang

For more information and to register for Hunger & Health Fun Fest, please visit:

About Darrelle Revis Foundation

Darrelle Revis Foundation, Inc is a 501(C)(3) organization whose mission is to combat childhood hunger and aid in the development of daily exercise through service, mentorship, and education for impoverished students in urban communities across America. Current programs include Powerpak, which feeds 460 kids annually, H2 (Hunger & Health), and Snacks & Sneaks. Each initiative supports the holistic growth of inner city youth in Pennsylvania, South Florida and across the US. Recharge the Youth


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