Our mission is to combat childhood hunger and aid in the development of daily exercise through service, mentorship, and education for impoverished students in urban communities across America.

Darrelle Revis Foundation

The Darrelle Revis Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to fighting childhood hunger in America. The foundation’s goal is to educate our youth on the benefits of eating healthy to ensure that all kids in America have access to healthy food consistently. It is our belief that childhood hunger is solvable and unjust in a nation that has such an abundance of resources.

Hunger is a serious, often invisible problem in our low income cities. Roughly 12 million children struggle to have enough to eat each day. According to a Tufts University study, even a mild case of malnutrition can impair a child’s neurocognitive and physical development. In addition, those who are chronically hungry oftentimes have no choice but to consume cheaper, processed foods, which in turn make them more susceptible to illnesses such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

The Darrelle Revis Foundation is committed to tackling childhood hunger through two programs: Hunger and Health (H2) and the Power Pak program. H2 educates children on the benefits of eating healthy and participating in daily exercise through interactive activities and mentorships. The Power Pak program ensures that children in need get the nourishment necessary for their development when not in school. ‘Paks’ filled with healthy foods and beverages are distributed to children on Fridays to last throughout weekend.

Poverty and hunger create a vicious cycle; the two are entwined making them inseparable. To ensure a bright future for our youth, the nutritional needs of low income families must be addressed so that all children can dream BIG and have the essential, fundamental tools to achieve those dreams.

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