The Darrelle Revis Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to tackling childhood hunger in America. The foundations Power Pak program and H2 Fun Fest serve as tools to assist families. It is our belief that childhood hunger is solvable and unjust in a nation that has such an abundance of resources.

Darrelle Revis Foundation

Darrelle Revis

As most know, I grew up in a city riddled with drugs and violence. I made the decision as a child to be the exception rather than the rule, directing all my energy to my first love, sports. Through hard work, focus, and a strong, supportive family, I was able to make my career my muse.

It is with that same inspiration that I founded the Darrelle Revis Foundation (DRF). This organization tackles the childhood Hunger and Health crisis in America. The foundation has established two programs, Hunger and Health (H2) and Power Pak, to combat this crisis. The H2 program addresses the need for nutrition and health education in low-income areas. The impoverished often make unhealthy choices due to a lack of resources. Understanding that under-nourished children are more likely to continue the cycle of poverty, I am committed, through the Darrelle Revis Foundation, to educating our inner-city youth that healthy eating is essential for their overall success. In addition, DRF distributes packs of food to children through the Power Pak Program. Children in need are given a “Pak” of healthy foods and beverages to keep them nourished and hydrated on weekends and holidays. As a result, these kids will establish healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

The core competencies of this organization mirror that of the game of football: accountability, innovation, and teamwork. The team works together as a fist, not as fingers. Understanding the importance of nutrition and adopting a clean eating lifestyle has contributed to my general well-being and has also allowed me to perform at an elite level in professional football. The Darrelle Revis Foundation is working as a fist to fight childhood hunger in an effort to create better lives and build stronger communities.