Myles Dockery

18 Sep 2023

When quarantine first started, I was battling personal problems resulting in depression. About a year later the school announced they were opening Back up. This being said people on social media expressed their discomfort and fear of entering back into the world. I realized other people were going through this as well. So, I decided to start a club at my school called the Acts of Kindness Club.

I did this because I have an interest in helping people and that is part of me. Being the Founder and President of this club has been a pleasure as we hold drives for teachers and the local community, acknowledge stressful situations, and more. This is just a preview of what I will do. I intend to go to college to be a Plastic Surgeon. This career will help people with many problems physical and mental. Many people suffer from uncontrollable problems like mine. Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is the growth of breast tissue where the male nipples are located. This growth can appear as fat no matter your size. This has stopped me from doing a sport I love… swimming. I have not swum since 2017. We recently tried to get the surgery, but we were denied by insurance even though it is one of the reasons for my anxiety and depression. I have tried working out, and the One Meal a Day diet… and nothing has worked. It has made me feel trapped. Because of this, I know first-hand that things like this impede people’s daily comfort.

In 10 years, after I go to college and work the job for a few years I will open my own practice, offer services at lower prices, and network with as many insurance companies as I can to make my services as accessible as possible. I will give back to my community as well and offer scholarships. I want to be available and fair to anyone and everyone because we all deserve happiness and a shot at a “perfect” life.

I know how it feels to be unseen and looked over as I have applied for a plethora of scholarships, and I have not received a single one. It stresses my family out so much as we need the money especially in today’s economy. My parents are still paying off my other sibling’s college debt and things relating to with my sister’s death. College is nowhere near the budget, and it will just send us into financial instability more and it will risk my education. I hope I am heavily considered for the scholarship award as it would be a huge blessing and answer my wishes.



25 Jul 2019
Future Hall of Famer and NY Jets Legend Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis Foundation Gives Back to the Community with Day of Wellness Fueled Activities

PITTSBURGH, July 18, 2019 ( – On Saturday, July 20, Pittsburgh, PA from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Darrelle Revis, future Hall of Famer, NY Jets Legend, Super Bowl Champion and philanthropist, will host the second annual Hunger & Health (H2) Fun Fest through his nonprofit organization Darrelle Revis Foundation, whose mission is to tackle childhood hunger by assisting families with tools to live a healthy lifestyle.