Kylah Bryant

18 Sep 2023

Growing up an introverted child, I would often write in order to express myself. As I aged & came out of my shell, my love for writing transcended into a love of journalism as a whole. Noting my skills in both writing & public speaking, my mother pushed me to compete in oratorical contests. It was after my first competition that I knew that I wanted to be a journalist.

One of the topics I center in my journalism is serving and uplifting my community. My parents have always stressed the importance of caring for your neighbors and your neighborhood. They would constantly quote the famous Martin Luther King quote claiming, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing for others.” Throughout my childhood, I spent several weekends volunteering in homeless shelters, serving at soup kitchens and participating in my church’s clothing and food drives because I understood the importance of helping others, especially when they are less fortunate.

As I grew, my love and dedication to my community only grew stronger. Because of this, I became involved in the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa’s Xinos Program. The Xinos Program is a guidance group for young women in high school, in which they learn the importance of education and service to one’s community. I recently earned the title of vice president, meaning that I am to lead workshops and tutor younger girls within the neighborhood, as well as help the president organize community service projects throughout the year. This program has taught me a tremendous amount of skills, but most importantly, it taught me about leadership, and I will spend the rest of my life, furthering what I have learned throughout this program.

Through my aspiring career, I believe I can do just that. With my Bachelors, and eventually my Masters degree in journalism at Hampton University, I will have the platform to write pieces that I am passionate about, pieces that highlight the injustices & inequalities that black and brown people face. And with the help of this scholarship, I can bring myself closer to achieving my goals.