Cami Miller

18 Sep 2023

Hello my name is Cami Miller. The Darelle Revis Foundation Scholarship would help me further my education after graduation. I have been accepted to six colleges including four Historical Black Colleges. During my college search, I am discovering how costly attending college can be. Completing college is extremely important to me. I am applying for this scholarship to help take the burden off of my mother and also help myself accomplish my goals. I plan to major in psychology and enter the field of education. I am planning to spend my next four years at Johnson C. Smith University.

Coming from a charter school to a private Catholic high school was a lot for me and my mother. We persevered and made it though. My mother has worked extra hours and put in countless hours to make sure I was able to attend a private Catholic high school. I love and appreciate her for everything she has done for me. My current GPA is 3.5. I have been on high honors throughout my four years at Oakland Catholic High School. I am actually being honored for my hard work on April 18, 2023, at Oakland Catholic High School.

I plan to graduate from college and pursue a career as a psychologist. I want to help children and adults understand their emotional and behavioral thoughts. I also want to help them process their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I would love to work in the same school district as my cousin Danaysia Hall. I have watched her grow as a person and as a teacher and I aspire to be like her one day.

I know I deserve this scholarship because I lead by example. I have three younger siblings that look up to me. I have to show them what a leader looks like. I am also resilient. I am able to bounce back from difficult situations and obstacles. I’ve strive to be the best vision of myself everyday of my life so that my siblings see what it takes to succeed. My brother is also a talented football player but I want to show him that it’s more to life than just football.

Thank you for all your time.