MacKenzie Telfaire

08 Feb 2023

My name is MacKenzie Telfaire and I am a senior at Enloe Magnet High School. I am the oldest of four children and an interesting fact is that I have triplet siblings. I am extremely excited about furthering my education at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University where I will major in Kinesiology.

My area of study became crystal clear to me when I sustained an ankle fracture while playing in a volleyball tournament. It was not easy being told I would have to sit on the sidelines for at least two months. That injury solidified my interest in pursuing a career in sports medicine. Being around sports medicine professionals and talking to them about their path gave me perspective on what I wanted for myself in the future. I aspire to help athletes prevent injuries as well as help rehabilitate them as they return to good health after an injury.

As a servant leader, I spend a lot of my time working with children through various organizations and volunteering with the Food Bank of Eastern and Northern Carolina and local comm unity gardens. As a Girl Scout, I have supported many volunteer initiatives, implementing sustainable programs, learned about entrepreneurship through the selling of cookies and learned a lot about teamwork. Service has been a part of everything that I have pursued. I will continue to serve my community by supporting organizations that focus on food insecurities, children, and mentor those aspiring to have a career in sports medicine.

I am applying for this scholarship because it will assist me financially in reaching my goal of becoming a sports medicine professional. I admire that the sponsors of this scholarship are committed to tackling childhood hunger in America, an interest of mine as well.

My goal is to help injured athletes and players get back to their optimum performance level. Reaching my goals will also assist me with giving back to the community through mentoring programs. Thank you for your consideration of this scholarship.



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