Christopher Person

08 Feb 2023

Describing your career plans, how you will serve your community and how this scholarship will help you achieve your goals. 

As an adolescent, I was blessed beyond measure. I was reared in church. During the years of absorbing everything I could think of, I distinguished soon what my life would become. Having had the opportunity to sing in the youth choir and participate in production plays resulted in a child stepping out of his shadow. How exhilarating to experience being among characters of an Easter production of Jesus Christ. I was an apprehensive youth with a speech impediment. Fear engulfed my spirit when given the opportunity to speak before the church congregation. My peers invigorated me to step out on faith. I became a protégé under the works of older students. They taught me to observe, listen and retain what was before me.  

During the attentiveness of art, I had an epiphany. Moments of preparing for plays, programs, sound checks, and outdoor church events, I advanced from a low self-esteem child to an exuberant teenager. I was ready for lights, camera, and action. My years of capabilities exemplified dedication and willingness to assist the younger generation as high school students proceeded to attend college. My purpose is to continue my education in Media Studies as my previous counterparts. I look forward to attending the fall semester at Fort alley State University. Utilizing my skills in ethnic consciousness and money-oriented business will enrich my aspirations. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts, I am committed to return to Augusta Georgia with plans to assemble a film studio for my community and remerge love with leadership and mannerism in which I was instilled. Simultaneously, I am dedicated to completing my master’s degree in education. I have a great desire to introduce diversity in arts such as filmmaking, music, painting and acting. The diminishing effect on our local school art program during the period of ten years has abated the dreams of our youth. Art programs have crucially decreased in our educational institution. I cannot imagine a world without remarkable thoughts and expressions that produce laughter and tears. 

Christopher D. Person Jr. 

Hephzibah Comprehensive High School  




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