Bryman Williams, Jr.

18 Sep 2023

My parents taught me that college students should spend their college matriculation building their resume to meet long-term career goals. My long-term goal of attending Southern University & Agriculture and Mechanical College is to earn a Bachelor Degree in Political Science while minoring in Psychology so that I can position myself to be accepted into the Southern University Law Center in about four years. I aspire to become a civil rights attorney someday. All activities, accolades, and awards that I actively seek will be based on honing my leadership skills and engaging in community activism. As the current SGA Executive Co-President of my High School, I am as well-equipped as ever to successfully complete college and vie for membership into SU’s Law Center.

With the help of my parents and other mentors, I am developing a long-term plan that will not only benefit myself, but also my community. One of my most significant attributes is that I am a leader who is able to bring people together as evidenced by the student body at my high school continuation of electing me to SGA office for four tenures as President or Vice-President. I plan to serve the local Baton Rouge community comprised of disenfranchised and underserved persons by participating in ongoing grassroots efforts (i.e., social justice, education, etc.) that address their needs.

Since the scholarship is paid directly to the university, it will allow me to use my current funds in other areas that are tremendously beneficial to my academic career. For instance, I will be able to attend conference-related activities attended by networks of people who can serve has mentors and contacts as I carve out a career in law. Additionally, I will be able to purchase books and other classrelated necessities that I will need to perform at a high level in my classes. All in all, the Darrelle Revis Foundation Scholarship will enhance my curriculum vita so that I am competitive for other scholarships, honors and awards that will certainly benefit me over the next few years and beyond



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