Braylon Bodison

18 Sep 2023

When you hear the names Thurgood Marshall, Johnnie Cochran, President Barack Obama, and most recently Ben Crump….. What do you think? Your first thought maybe these are all successful African American attorneys. In the future, when names like these are presented, Braylon Bodison will be added to this list. Yes, Braylon Bodison biography will read; Braylon Bodison is a successful African American criminal defense and civil rights attorney who attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He believes in justice for all, and especially for those without a voice who need our help. He is known for righting the wrongs and fighting for the under-served and bringing justice for victims and their families. He is known for taking on cases involving questionable police actions against African Americans. Braylon Bodison is ambitious, well-equipped attorney, and he will get the job done for all. No case is to small or to large. Braylon Bodison believes in JUSTICE for all.

Just as Thurgood Marshall is known for successfully arguing before the court the case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka  which declared unconstitutional racial segregation in American public schools; I will be known for arguing and winning legendary cases in my lifetime. Just as Johnnie Cochran was known for successfully taking on highly publicized police brutality cases and defended celebrities so will I. Just as President Barack Obama is a successful attorney which spearheaded him into politics (The first African American to become president) so will I. Just as Ben Crump fights tirelessly to get justice for innocent African Americans being gunned down and beaten like a thief in the night so will I. Braylon Bodison will be an ancestor to be. Braylon Bodison will be a history maker for the ages because of his hard work and dedication to serving others.

Attending Morehouse college alone means I will walk into a legacy of history and meaning. I will be following the footsteps of the great Martin Luther King Jr.  and Raphael Warnock, and I am destined for greatness. These two Morehouse Men lived/lives their life boldly and humbly in the community. Martin Luther King Jr. and Raphael Warnock are my role models. They both exemplify the characteristics of excellence. They were/are resilient and dedicated to helping all people.  I strive for excellence, and I plan to make a difference not only in my community, but across the United States of America. I plan to have numerous offices throughout the United States of America and to be licensed to be an attorney in more than one state. I would like to provide my expertise I will gain at Morehouse globally. I will be known as one of the most famous and best criminal defense/civil rights attorneys of all times.

The Darrelle Revis Scholarship will help me pay for my tuition at Morehouse which I so desperately need. I plan to give back to my community as an attorney and work tirelessly to get justice for all.