Amani Clark-Bey

08 Feb 2023

The Darelle Revis Foundation Scholarship will take a lot of stress off my family financially. I am enrolled at Howard University, and I have been accepted into the Cathy Hughes’ Media, Journalism and Film program. Being in front of the screen to inform people about current events has always been my compassion. I couldn’t wait to start mastering my gift of public speaking, therefore, my sophomore summer I began an internship with Pittsburgh Black Media Federation (PBMF). I began to learn how to use my voice on various platforms. These platforms included journalism, live reports and going into various Pittsburgh communities such East Hills and Wilkinsburg for interviews. Being exposed to this atmosphere made me extremely eager to continue to improve my skills. My goal was to turn my internship experience into a career.

Ideally, I would like to focus on my career goals without the preoccupation of worrying about tuition. The scholarship will allow me to take full advantage of the opportunities that Howard has to offer. These opportunities include interning at National TV stations as well as networking with established professionals. I would also like to volunteer with the elderly, the youth and in various fundraising events in the Washington, DC community.

I plan to utilize my educational experience by creating internship opportunities for the youth. Kids will have the opportunity to explore various career paths to determine which career they are truly interested in. Giving back to my community is my number one future goal. This will ensure that children will have the same opportunities that I was given. I believe that children of this world are our leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, it’s imperative that I invest in the youth. Remaining connected to my community is also imperative. I want kids to see the result of focus, dedication and remaining true to the grind. When children see me, I would like for them to see hope and the many possibilities they can achieve.

This scholarship would not only allow me to remain focused in my career goals, it will also allow me to empower others as well.



21 Jul 2018
Darrelle Revis hosts ‘Fun Fest’ event to help kids

  Video originally from WPXI